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Personal Shopping

For Men & Women



Looking for a Personal Shopper? Tired of having nothing to wear? Worried about your age or body shape, and how to dress for them? Do you often find yourself wasting too much money on buying clothes that you never wear? Are you too busy to go shopping or do you hate shopping because you cannot find anything you like? Whether you love shopping or dread it, whether you are looking for a special outfit for an upcoming event, need new workwear, or just want a whole new wardrobe; this personal shopping service is for you! Avoid bad purchases and bad advice from sales assistants and start your very own personal shopping trip! What better way to get honest, unbiased fashion solutions than in a shopping session that is 100% about you? We will advise you on colours, accessories and fitting that will perfectly suit your style and body shape. As your personal shopper, we aim to help you become confident in all your shopping decisions so you can become an independent and smart shopper.

Note: The personal shopping session can be done together or you may prefer to have the shopping done for you. Contact us for the second option.



Personal Shopping Consultation


Step 1: All about you

Tell us all about you, yourself and guess what? You again! Tell us about your goals, ambitions and motivations. Share with us your shopping habits, preferences and your existing wardrobe.


Step 2: General advice

Receive general styling and colour advice, as well as personalised advice based on your body shape and existing wardrobe.


Step 3: Prepare your shopping list

Using your existing wardrobe, we will create a shopping list of specific items to find during your shopping trip. We will select the right items to complete your wardrobe with essential basics to help you create several new outfits.


Step 4: Prepare your shopping trip

Together, we will highlight and list the shops and places to visit with a specific itinerary based on your habits and budget.


Step 5:  3,2,1, Shop! 

Enjoy your most successful shopping adventure with your professional fashion shopper.




Benefits of a Personal Shopping Trip


Thanks to your personal shopping consultation you will:


  • Enjoy a pre-shop consultation to ensure the most successful shopping based on your style, shape and your budget.

  • Identify the shapes, styles and colours that best suit you.

  • Benefit from the extra time we will spend researching online and in-stores to source the correct clothes for you.

  • Buy less by buying better.

  • Purchase season pieces to add and complete your existing wardrobe, including accessories.

  • Learn to select the perfect outfit for any special occasion.

  • Find more shops and brands that sell clothes that suit you, your look, your body shape and your budget.

  • Discover items that will greatly supplement your existing wardrobe.

  • Meet at an agreed time and shopping place suitable to you and your personal shopper.

  • Create a wardrobe full of clothes that make you feel good.

  • Receive unbiased and supportive advice and shopping tips.

  • Learn strategic tips for future shopping trips.

  • Develop your confidence to shop alone and make the right choices.

  • Discover unique ways to flatter your body shape.

  • Know how to judge, fit and integrate new items in your existing wardrobe.


At the end of your personal shopping consultation, you will receive your own personalised shopping booklet containing all the  received advice.


Note: We do not align ourselves with retailers or receive commissions from stores or clothing labels, so you can be confident in our impartiality. The decision on which shops we go to are made simply because we know they have something you will love. Any commission that we may be offered will be passed on to you as a discount.

4 hours

From 1 participant

Tailored for You


$600 - Face to face

$500 - Online

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