The Power of Positivism - Toward Solutions


The "Power of positivism - Towards solutions" workshop was created for people who want to reach the next level of happiness through personal development and professional development.


All together we developed the following theory:

  • A Positive Attitude is a choice

  • There are no problems, solutions quests only

  • You cannot have a positive life with a negative mind

  • Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results


We define positivism as:

Being optimistic. Moving forward. Good feeling. Cup half full. Proactive. Looking and seeing for good in people and situations. Hopeful. Seeing possibilities, opportunities in problems. Being open. Looking for added value of the outcome. Acceptance. Projecting positive energy. State of mind. Connecting with emotions. Happy. Smiling. Allowing.


We define Negativity as:

Something bad/ painful. Uncomfortable. Angry/sad. Resistance. Blockages. Overly pessimistic. Worry/fear/rude. Cup half empty. Looking and seeing problems. Complaining/ winging. Looking for the worst case scenario. Self-absorbed. Provide and take negative emotions and energies. Rejecting ideas. Isolation. Withdraw.


What happens with positivism?

More and better connection, communication, interaction with others.

Happy, smiling. Positive energy exchange. Empower other people.

Relaxed/less stressed. Trust. Self-confidence. Faith. Self-development.

Access creativity. Open minded. Easier to take risks.

Good things/events happen around you. More opportunities.

More attractive. More people attracted to you (like minded people)

More purpose. Care more about health (health conscious)


What happens with negativity?

Sad. Angry. Depressed. Anxious. Stressed. Tensed

Creates drama, tension, conflicts, misunderstanding.

Unable to try. Afraid of failure. Fearful, something bad could happen.

Withdraw. Isolation. Don’t feel connecting.

Bitter. Resentment. Negative events and people around you.

Domino effect of negative energy.

No purpose. Life becomes meaningless. Lose control.

Unhealthy habits. Low Immunity. Lose appetite. Heads to depression, sickness.


Banishing negativity process:

  • Stay objective

  • Do not exaggerate

  • Isolate facts & feelings

  • Take distance & time

  • Allow doubts

  • Accept the steps before the success

  • Persist, do not give up!

  • Move on

  • Here & now: enjoy the present moment


Being positive is directly related to:

  • Self-confidence: You need to trust yourself

  • Your internal dialogue: turn your inner voice into positive

  • The way you look at the World: wear the good glasses

  • Finding your own motivation(s): define your clear vision



To Stay Positive you need to:

  • Focus on the good, focus on what makes you happy

         Start a “Good News Diary”

  • Savour all the good parts of life

  • Choose, trust & repeat your meaningful mantra

  • Take time to celebrate every single victory

  • Be your best friend, go easy on yourself

         “There is no failure, only feedbacks”…

  • Take care of yourself

  • Figure out what life means to you and what you want to do!

         People who feel that life has a purpose are happier!

  • Develop your “happiness initiatives”

  • Connect with positive people!!!


  • Be physical, do exercises

  • Be helpful

  • Be nice and friendly

  • Do what you love

  • Wear colours

  • Enjoy the sun and the nature

  • Choose positive words

  • Run away from negativity and negative people

  • SMILE!!!

Maud Vanhoutte


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