Colour Your Life - Do you know how to mix and match colour?




There is a reason for everyone to wear so much black... wearing colour is challenging!


Apart from the easy combination, there are multiple options to play with colour.


You will never get wrong when mixing colour with black but you can do more than:

  • Black and white

  • Black and grey

  • Black and red

  • Black and everything

If you want to change your colour habits this article is for you!

You will find here easy colour harmonies to use.


The simplest and safest one: Monochrome harmony

A monochrome harmony is using the same colour from dark to light with a nuance between bright and mate pieces.


Easy example: classic blue jeans with a light bright shirt and a dark mate vest or cardigan



Monochrome Harmony




Very elegant an sober as well: Analogue harmony

Using the colour wheel, you choose 2 to 3 following colours.

Make sure to use both mate and bright colours as well as dark and light ones.


Analogue Harmony




The last harmony I will show you today is my favourite one, the complementary harmony.

It's a bit more challenging to create it but the impact is amazing!


You will pick 2 opposite colours on the colour wheel and mix them:

  • Purple and yellow

  • Red and green

  • Blue and orange

Here again, make sure to use both bright and mate colours as well as light and dark ones!


Complementary harmony



When mixing colours, always pay attention to details in your outfits. A line, a print, a pattern brings colour to the final result.


To make sure the final outfit colour combination is a success, make sure to use both light and dark tones as well as bright and mate ones.


If you only pick bright tones, people might not trust you, you might look a bit too colourful!

If you only pick mate colours, the result might be a bit 'sad' and 'boring'.


Maud Vanhoutte


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