Stop talking, start listening!



When we think about interpersonal communication we think "talking".
A good communicator is not the one who is able to speak the most but the one who is able to listen!

You can speak all day long, if you don't listen to people you will not be as successful as you could.

By listening you will:

  • show interest for people,

  • show some respect,

  • be able to learn more about the people around.

Thanks to that you will improve your relationships.



By finding the best topics to engage and continue conversations.

That way you will create bonds and be remembered as a nice person. You will also be able to offer the best solution to fit the situation because you paid attention.

You already know what you're about to say, now listen...


Try for an entire week to stop talking as much as you can and start listening.


Listening means paying attention to everything. To do so you will have to focus not only on the words but also on the body language.

Being a good listener is asking for details and inviting the other person to talk further. Being a good listener is not about sharing your own story when a detail in the conversation makes you think of it...



Master the art of listening and develop the art of questioning...  

  • Develop your art of listening and questioning

  • Understand the unspoken

  • Be respectful – Listen without thinking/ Listen without judgement  

  • Find out active listening keys

  • Use effective questions

  • Open-ended questions

  • Talk less that you listen

  • Feedback: confirm what you've heard


Maud Vanhoutte


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