Are you a positive person? - The Power of positivism


Is positive thinking a new tendency? Does positive thinking really make our lives better?


If you give positive thinking a chance, you will see that thanks to small changes and actions, your life, attitude, health, relationships… will positively change.


The theory

The power of positive thinking is a theory pretending that if you believe that good thinks will happen, they will.

There are people thinking that it’s true, for others, it’s only illusions. They are all right…

The power of positive thinking is a belief.

If you believe that it’s not working, it’s not, if you believe that it’s working, it works...


Everything is possible

“If you have zest and enthusiasm you attract zest and enthusiasm. Life does give back in kind”. Norman Vincent Peale (progenitor of "positive thinking”).

It’s not a theory, it’s an epidemic situation. Just like anger and negativity are contagious, happiness and positivity spread quickly.



THE POWER OF POSITIVISM, an easy adjustment that will rock your world!


Being positive is directly related to:

  • Your self confidence: you need to trust yourself

  • Your inner voice

  • The way you look at the World: “wear the right glasses”

  • Your ability to find your motivation(s)





10 days without a negative thought, criticisms or self-criticisms for more than 3 minutes.

For any longer thought, you need to restart the challenge from the beginning.

If you manage to do that for 10 entire days, your unconscious will integrate it forever.

You will become a POSITIVE PERSON!


You might tell me, it's easier said that done...


Here are some easy adjustments to help you:

① Accept the situation

② Relativize

③ Make any necessary changes


In other words, Do your ABC…


① Accept

② Breathe

③ Concentrate


So, what do you get from being positive?


By turning yourself into a positive person, you will get:

  • A happier life

  • More opportunities

  • Better relationships

  • Stronger friendships

  • A better health

  • ...

It's worth giving it a try no?!


Maud Vanhoutte


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