What is a Coach Image Consultant?

How coaching skills will assist you in your image consulting journey? More than an Image Consultant, The French/Australian Image Consulting Academy will train you to become a Coach Image Consultant. Not only you will provide your clients with excellent image consulting services, but you will also assist them in becoming autonomous in getting the most from their first impressions. In addition to being the best fashion makeover practitioner, thanks to your coaching skills you will be able to understand your clients' needs to provide them with tailored advice.  These unique coaching skills will help you become an excellent Image Consultant.

A Coach Image Consultant is:

There are a lot of metaphors that can be drawn to describe the roles and functions of a Coach Image Consultant; check below to better understand these metaphores.

A Coach Image Consultant is not:

Additionally, there are a lot of incorrect stereotypes and misunderstandings of the roles and functions of a Coach Image Consultant...

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