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Image Consulting Academy's FAQs

Find Out the Answers To Your Questions About Image Consultants & Personal Fashion Stylists Training Programs

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about your French/Australian Image Consultant Academy. If you can't find the answer to your question, contact us.

Who are you? What is the French-Australian Image Consultant Academy?

We are The French-Australian Image Consultant Academy, we provide comprehensive courses for Image Consultants and Fashion Stylists. Our courses are fun, engaging and completely tailored to the reality of the market! The French-Australian Image Consultant Academy began in Paris, France 15 years ago. Six years after our great debut and success, we decided to leave France for Australia. We have now been operating in beautiful Australia for the last 10 years.

I don’t live in Sydney or Australia, can I still join the Image Consultant Academy programs?

Yes sure. We encourage you to join specific training units in person, however, we have arranged for full remote solutions as well. We typically arrange for you to start the learning process at home through live training sessions before flying to Sydney to finish the program. We can also have your trainer flying to you. We primarily conduct our courses across the entire Asia-Pacific continent, but we are also capable of providing our courses all across the world.


Why should I trust The Sydney Image Consultant Academy for my training?

We have more than 15 years of experience and hundreds of trained consultants worldwide. Our courses are comprehensive and provide you with excellent tools to prepare you to best assist your future clients. No matter your background, you have a place at The Sydney Image Consultant Academy. We also offer our training programs Worldwide, simply contact us to arrange your training. A better question to ask would be "Why not join The Sydney Image Consultant Academy?"  

What does the training program cover?

Our training program covers a wide range of topics including colour analysis, body shape analysis, style personality assessment, wardrobe planning, personal shopping techniques, makeup and grooming tips, client consultation skills, and business management essentials for image consultants.

What do the training programs cover?


Our training program covers a wide range of topics including colour analysis, body shape analysis, style personality assessment, wardrobe planning, personal shopping techniques, makeup and grooming tips, client consultation skills, and business management essentials for image consultants.


What kind of classes The Australian Image Consultant Academy offers?

The Sydney Image Consultant Academy offers 3 programs, from 1 to 3 months. You also have the option to select your units out of 30 training lessons. We offer both individual and group courses. Courses are usually offered in a classroom; however, online training is now also available. 

How long do the Image Consultant training programs go for?

Most training lessons will go for 1 to 3 days, and the programs go from 1 to 3 months (50, 100, 150 hours or 7, 14, 21 days). Individual classes offer more flexibility to suit your busy schedule. After-work and weekend classes are also available.


How much do your Image Consultant training courses cost?

The prices for our courses vary depending on several factors, including but not limited to the location of the course, the number of participants and the training topics. Training Units start at $1200+GST. Training programs start from $7500+GST for the 1-month training program.


Do you offer any solutions for delayed payment?

We can arrange a payment plan to make it easier for you to finance your image consulting training.

How many students do you train at the same time? How many people to expect in each class?

The class size varies from 1 to 15 students.

Do you offer Image Consultant training services in other languages than English?

Yes, our Image Consultant and stylist training courses are available in 2 languages English and French.

What is the usual organisation for a training unit?

It all varies between individual and group sessions as well as online and face-to-face workshops. The courses are organised from 120 minutes to 6 hours maximum. The organisation varies from one topic to another and remains flexible to match your learning needs and pace.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

For the first day, you will only need a notepad or your computer.  We provide you with exclusive Image Consultant tools and handouts. A list of image consultant material to create or buy will be provided for each lesson.


Is it all theory or do you do practical training too?

We pride ourselves on providing our students with comprehensive and practical image consulting training workshops. The training organisation is made to allow students to practice between the training sessions. Thanks to this approach, our students are ready immediately after graduation to be excellent Image Consultants. There is a strong theoretical base for our training, but in every course, it’s paired with practical exercises, such as training with live models or real-life scenarios and case studies for both face-to-face and online sessions.


Do I get to learn more about my personal style and colour palette during the training?

Yes, you do. All our training courses are built around practical exercises that will provide you with a comprehensive and personal image consultancy from A to Z.


Is there an age limit? Can I be too old or too young to become an image consultant? 

There is no age limit to join us and make your dream come true! Whether you are 18 or 75! Image consultancy is a vocation, and we are here to help you become the excellent image consultant you always wanted to be. Some of our students only select a lesson or two to better assist others with career support and job interview preparation. Other students are well-established hairdressers who desire to offer a new service to their clients. Our younger students have the desire to start their career as Image Consultants and stylists, for other students, it is a second or a third career!


Is there any pre-requisite to become an Image Consultant?

Our training programs are available for everyone, with all sorts of backgrounds. If you are already a trained image consultant who needs further training in specific topics, our individual lessons are best suited for you. We also train people with no experience in the image consultancy industry. We built our packages around the idea that anyone motivated, driven and passionate will become an excellent image consultant and stylist. Many of our students are coming from the fashion and beauty industry: fashion retail professionals, hairdressers, beauty therapists, make-up artists…when others are coming from unrelated industries such as finance, real estate, or any other background. Our most successful students are the ones who are driven, motivated and dedicated to their success.


Do I have to start my image consulting business after the training?

Most of our students have started their successful image consulting business. However, we also have students working in other lines of work such as human resources or the retail environment to differentiate themselves and be even more professional. Whether you want to make it your career, add another skill to your resume, or just for your personal development, the Image Consulting Academy in Sydney will provide you with the best and most comprehensive image consulting training in Australia.


I currently work as a personal stylist what can you teach me?

We can teach you the science behind the art of personal styling and the language to explain to your clients what you’re doing. Plus we can provide you with a suite of innovative tools to use with your clients. We have retrained many personal stylists and image consultants who have done basic courses but realised quickly that they needed a more comprehensive one to be able to work well with their clients in a variety of settings. Thanks to the Sydney Image Consulting Academy you will develop your list of services to provide unique and powerful image consultancy services to your clients. In addition to working on the appearance, you will be able to assist your clients with their communication skills and their self-confidence. We also offer unique training topics such as image consultancy for weddings, image consultancy for men, working with companies, and much more.


Do you guarantee me to work as an image consultant after graduating?

We provide you with the best training and exclusive tools, however, your success will depend upon yourself, and yourself only. To succeed you will have to work hard, to boost your network, and to excel in what you do.


How do I know which course is right for me?

We offer all our courses in individual lessons for people who want specific training to meet a specific goal. If you

are a bit lost or want to make sure that you receive the most comprehensive training in Australia, you can choose one of our 3 training designed for any previous professional background. We sure stay available to discuss this further with you. Simply contact us to discuss with our career advisors the best training options for you.


Are there any additional costs on top of the training cost?

The French/Australian Image Consultant Academy's prices are transparent and include all training fees. As a professional image consultant, you will need some specific tools and support. You can create most of them and we will guide you in the process, you might still need a few basics: colour draping, make-up essentials...


I already work full-time and have a busy life; can I still be trained at the Sydney Image Consultant Academy?

Yes! We have the perfect organisation for you. Thanks to our individual courses, you can design the perfect training schedule to meet your needs. That includes after-work hours image consultant training courses as well as image consultant weekend courses and Skype sessions.

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