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Online Make-up Lessons


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Your Make-Up Lesson


Do you do your make-up every day or only on special occasions? Are you still applying your make-up the same way you did since you graduated from high school? Do you struggle with products, applications and techniques? Are you unsure of what suits you best? Do you want a natural and elegant look?

If you want advice on your daily make-up, if you want to discover the newest make-up trends or simply if you want to learn make-up techniques for a special occasion (wedding, birthday, party...), this make-up lesson is made for you. When it comes to make-up selection and application, women are sometimes unsure of which products to use, what colours suit them best, and what techniques will make the most out of their natural features. Step by step you will review the fundamental techniques for daily make-up as well as evening make-up.



Your Make-Up Lesson Process


Step 1: All about you

Tell us all about you, yourself, and guess what? You again! What are your goals, ambitions and motivations? What is in your make-up drawer? Share with us your current make-up habits, vanity content and preferences. During the class, you are invited to bring the make-up you already have, so we can use it, and help you complete your vanity.

Step 2: Your skin type and skincare

You will look radiant when you feel radiant. Discover how to take care of your skin based on your skin needs.

Recognise your skin type:

  • Dry skin usually has fine pores, and a matt or dull complexion.

  • Normal skin is not too dry or too oily, pores are barely visible.

  • Combination and oily skin are often shiny with larger open pores, these can develop into blemishes and blackheads.

  • Sensitive skin will often be dry, with some itching and redness.

  • Mature skin often tends to be dry with accentuated fine lines, and wrinkles

Step 3: The 3 steps for lazy morning make-up

These 3 steps are ideal if you have a busy schedule, and you do not have enough hours in your day. Having this step in the lesson will make you realise that you can look glamorous with only three simple make-up habits and products. Simply use your mascara, blush, and your lipstick and you are ready to go.

Step 4: Full make-up application step by step

You will receive comprehensive information about make-up applications featuring hands-on techniques for your bone structure, colouring and skin type. You will also receive instructions on how to select the best creams, shades of foundation, lipstick colour, blush colour and much more. Get ready to learn more about the different make-up trends, techniques, products and brands for you to understand better what suits you. And remember, practice makes perfect.

Step 5: Night make-up

What about something more sophisticated, more elegant? Feel dazzled and get glammed up! Not every day, but we all have a special occasion once in a while that requires a more sophisticated make-up. With this class, you will be prepared for any special occasions that require a special make-up.

Step 6: Your make-up products

It is a fact, we all have too many products in our vanities and bathrooms to the extent that we do not even pay attention to the expiry dates of our products. Are you surprised that beauty products have an expiry date? We buy too many products when we only use the basics. Once we like a product, we become loyal to it, neglecting the many other different products we bought 'just to try'. In this make-up class, you will learn how to reduce your shopping impulsions by only buying what you need. You will clean up your vanity to only keep your essentials and you will start buying less by buying better.


Benefits of a Make-Up Lesson


Thanks to your make-up lesson you will:


  • Enjoy taking take of yourself.

  • Make your make-up routine faster and funnier.

  • Identify & highlight your natural features.

  • Select your products more easily: type, colours, brand...

  • Learn and practice a step by step make-up application including how to best select and apply the foundation, the eye shadow, the eyeliner and the lipstick.

  • Know how to best draw your eyebrow shape.

  • Learn easy hands-on make-up techniques to change your make-up habits.

  • Be ready for your everyday make-up making it faster and easier.

  • Undestand how to turn a day make-up into a night one.

  • Save money by buying the right products & accessories.

  • Learn how to do a vanity “detox”

  • Get ready to match and mix colours

  • ...


From 2 hours

Individual Session or Session with your Friends

Tailored for You


Video Training

$350 - Face to face

$275 - Online

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