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Fashion Makeover

For Men & Women



It is no secret that a common problem among women and men today is the frustration of “what to wear” and “what to pair”. If your clothing is outdated, uncomfortable or not the right shape for your body, it can turn into a continual daily discouragement and ultimately lead to a decrease in self-esteem. The answer explained by many stylists lays on a Fashion Makeover. It gives you the ability to feel empowered and encourages you to embrace your positive attributes. 



Fashion Makeover for a Special Occasion

Do you have a special occasion coming? Do you want to look amazing for your special day? Book your online fashion makeover.



  • Fashion Makeover for your School Formal

We all want to look amazing for our school formal and there is nothing worse than looking back at old photos and feeling embarrassed. Avoid this negative feeling by asking for a fashion makeover just before your school formal.



  • Fashion Makeover for your Wedding

We will help you find your wedding dress and costume. Your image consultant will be there for you, step by step. From finding the right dress for your body shape, selecting the perfect colour to suit your natural tones to finding the best costume to match your dress, you can trust your image consultant to look fabulous on your special day. This is your complete clothes guide for your wedding! - For him and her.



  • Fashion Makeover for your Birthday

This fashion makeover will help you update your sense of style according to current trends, it will also help you determine your body shape and the correct clothing that will compliment your shape and make you look stunning on your special day.




The Fashion Makeover Consultation



Step 1: Colour Advice

The way you select and combine colours cannot only affect your mood and energy, but it can also influence how you appear to others. In business, for instance, the first impression really matters, and this is often based on your outward appearance. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right colour for your type, because of the great variety, shades and tints that every colour has. However, with this makeover, you will receive the correct guidelines that will make you feel and look amazing without having to resort to drastic measures. Get unique tips on how to mix and match colours.



Step 2: Style Analysis

Dressing with style takes strategy. Your image consultant will help you create a look that is flattering, balanced and fits your own style and personality. The fashion makeover rpocess will help you slim and direct attention to exactly where you want it and away from the places you don't. 



Step 3: Make-up for Women

What would be a makeover without the best make-up applications for women. The make-up will be a perfect match to your needs. You fashion makeover consultant will reveal your natural beauty without transforming your appearance.


Step 4: Hairdressing consultation*

Just about every makeover includes a hair-colour or cut update, and it doesn't have to be a total overhaul to have an electrifying effect. Subtle highlights can be as redefining as going from brunette to blonde. Your fashion consultant will know exactly what will best suit you and flatter your face shape.


Step 5: 2 hours Shopping

Your fashion professional will take you to a successful shopping trip to help you find the best outfit for your special occasion.

*Hairdresser cost is not included

1 day or 2 half days

From 1 participant

Tailored for You


Face to Face $990

Online $750

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