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Personal Branding's FAQs

Questions to ask before enrolling in training for Image Consultants

Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about the French/Australian Image Consultant Academy. You can't find the answer, contact us.

Who is Maud Vanhoutte?

I am Maud Vanhoutte, a professional fashion stylist, image consultant and communication expert. I offer fun and interactive image consultancy services covering: personal branding, colour consultation, personal styling, wardrobe management, makeover, communication skills and leadership coaching services.

I was trained in the best fashion school in Paris; The International Institute Fashion Makeover - Institut de Relooking International (IDRI). I then started my own image consulting business in Paris and worked closely with the IDRI for 5 years. After a successful beginning in Paris, I decided to leave France to start a new adventure in Sydney, Australia. I have now been operating in beautiful Australia for the last 6 years.

Why Choose Maud Vanhoutte?

I have over 15 years’ experience and over 2,000 happy clients. The coaching sessions are fun, engaging and completely tailored to you and your specific needs! I offer my services worldwide with an international influence. Not only you will get to experience the best Image Consulting adventure, but you will also learn way more that what you expect. You will be 100 % autonomous to improve your personal presentation and deal with your personal brand. Maud's flexible and unique approach allows you to focus on different levels depending on your goals and expectations:

- Personal presentation: Image Consultancy and Styling

- Communication skills and body language

- Personal development and self-confidence

A better question to ask would be "Why not Maud Vanhoutte?".

What is Image Consultancy and styling?

Image Consultancy is a professional service that aims to improve your personal presentation, whether it be professionally, personally or both. This involves image analysis, colour consultation, wardrobe management, personal shopping, and make-up lesson. Maud does not solely work on the dressing and styling aspect of your image; she can also work on other aspects, such as: body language, behaviour skills and both verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

Why does the way I dress matter?

We shouldn't judge a book by it's cover, right.

How we present ourselves affects how we communicate and how others respond to us. One would not take the advice of a lawyer that dresses inappropriately. We have certain ideas on how one should ‘look’ and the associated messages with that ‘look’.

Doctors are seen as respectful and we respond more positively to

that. Thus, how we dress matters, as how we present ourselves helps others to respond more positively to us which helps us to communicate better.

What kind of coaching services does Maud Vanhoutte offer?

Maud offers a large variety of coaching services, that all fit under one of the following categories:

  • Image Analysis

  • Colour Consultation

  • Personal Styling

  • Wardrobe Management

  • Personal Shopping

  • Make-Up Lessons

  • Fashion Makeover

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Communication Skills

  • Total Image Consultancy package


How long do our coaching services go for?

Depending on the format and service you pick, it may goes from a simple 2-hour coaching to 2 days for a complete image consultancy service. Personal development coaching programs vary depending on your needs and expectations.

How much do our coaching services cost?

A typical 2-hour coaching session costs $350. we then create tailored packages and programs depending on your needs. Feel free to contact us to receive an engagement-free quote.

Is there a certain style Maud tends to go for?

No, not at all. Maud enters every appointment with an open mind and a non-judgement attitude. Thanks to coaching techniques she finds out more about your habits, what you like and dislike. Then, according to your exact needs, expectations and wishes, she will provide you with the best advice.


How to be sure that you get an unbiased shopping trip?

Maud doesn't partner with any shop and will not decide for you the shops you will visit during your shopping trip. Maud will adapt your shopping trip depending on your usual shops. She can also invite you to discover equivalent brands, always in respect with your budget.

Are these services solely designed for Women?

No, Image Consultancy and Styling is for Men as well. Maud provides all  services for both men and women. She tailors the approach to your specific needs.

I don’t live in Sydney or in Australia, Can I still book a coaching session?

Yes sure. At the moment, all solutions are offered online due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Once the travels will resume, the usual organisation is to arrange for you to start the learning process at home through live training sessions before flying to Sydney to finish the program. We can also have your trainer flying to you. We primarily conduct our services across the entire Asia-Pacific continent, but we’re also capable of providing our services across the world.

I am working 5 days a week, can we book a coaching at night or during weekends?

Yes, Maud is well aware that many clients are busy men and women, for that reason she organises her time to offer you coaching sessions after work hours and during weekends.

How long does a gift voucher last?


You can use your gift voucher up to 12 months after the purchased date.


What will happen if I want a refund for my voucher?


If for any reason you need to cancel your appointment with Maud, your voucher will be refunded minus a 30% cancellation fee. If you fail to inform us that you want a refund in the 72 hours prior to your appointment with Maud, a 100% cancellation fee will apply.


Can I change the date/time of my appointment?


If for any reason you are unable to make your booked appointment but would like to reschedule, it’ possible. You must communicate your rebooking at least 72 hours prior to your appointment or a 30% appointment fee will be charged.

I just bought a gift voucher for someone else, what is the next step?

You should soon receive an e-mail detailing the service you picked, as well as the voucher itself. Once you offered the voucher, feel free to send your friend the confirmation e-mail so that they can contact us directly and schedule an appointment.

I received a gift voucher. How do I book my appointment? how do I choose my service?

If you look at your voucher you will see a list of services you have access to. Once you made your choice, let Maud know by sending her an e-mail specifying the service you want, and some date and time when you would like your appointment to take place. She will do everything she can to fit in your schedule so that you have the best experience.  

What is the difference between a fashion makeover and a complete image consultation?


A fashion makeover will assist you for a special occasion. Maud will help you look amazing for your birthday, wedding, school formal...

It is a short, one time process.

A complete image consultation will offer you full autonomy to manage your personal presentation and personal brand. You will learn the keys to make the most out of your first impression. A complete image consultation is giving more results in the long-term.


If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Maud directly.

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