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Personal Styling Consultation


Personal Fashion Styling Consultation

For Men & Women

Are you confused with picking a style that suits you? Do you always end up wearing the same clothes? Do you know how to get the most out of your body shape? Developing your own signature style is about identifying your unique style based on your personality, lifestyle, profession, age, budget, body type and personal colouring. A style consultation focuses on creating and defining a style that is you! Fashion merely gives us the tools to create the public impression we want. Fashion is an attitude. It’s about finding the right balance between who you are and the image you would like to project. Let us help you get the most out of your first impression, thanks to a personalised fashion style consultation. Together with us, it will make it easier for you to choose your outfits every morning, as well as for special occasions. We will create multiple outfits with only a few clothes and make shopping easier for you.




Fashion Styling Consultation

Step 1: All about you

Tell us all about you, yourself and guess what? You again! Tell us about your goals, ambitions and motivations. Share with us your existing fashion habits, preferences and wardrobe content.

Step 2: Optical illusions in clothes

Discover the optical illusions created by clothes through their lines, fabrics, details and colours and learn to use them to look amazing.

Step 3: Your own fashion style

Highlight and structure your fashion style. Create your own fashion signature.

Step 4: Dress for your body shapes

Identify your body shapes and learn how to dress for them. Understand how to highlight your physical qualities.

Step 5: Personalised advice

Enjoy personalised advice based on your fashion style and body shapes, as well as your goals and expectations. Receive outfit suggestions.

Step 6: Refresh your wardrobe

Get the most from your existing wardrobe thanks to new outfit combinations.

Step 7: Create your shopping list

Prepare your next shopping trip thanks to an excellent shopping list to complement your existing wardrobe.



Benefits of a fashion styling consultation


Thanks to your fashion styling consultation you will be able to:


  • Select the most flattering styles and fabrics for your body shape, features and proportions.

  • Find out about scale and proportions in outfit creation.

  • Define which designs and accessories suit you best.

  • Learn how to conceal your flaws and reveal your assets.

  • Know how to express your personality in what you wear.

  • Dress with confidence in every occasion.

  • Select your fashion details such as fabrics, prints, colours and accessories with confidence.

  • Find how to wear and match patterns and colours.

  • Achieve a perfect fit every time you buy clothes.

  • Reduce time and frustration when getting ready in the morning.

  • Know how to look younger, slimmer, more serious or more professional.

  • Find more places to shop for your style & budget.

  • Understand the corporate styling codes of conducts and etiquette.

  • Make the most of your accessories.

  • Find out the secrets to be more elegant.

At the end of your fashion styling consultation, you will receive your personalised styling booklet containing all the advice you received.

3 to 4 hours

From 1 participant

Tailored for You

Online Video Training

$600 - Face to face

$500 - Online

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