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Advanced Training Program

For Image Consultants & Stylists

Cosmetic & Face Care

No make-up can successfully hide neglected skin! Beauty starts by establishing a proper ritual and development of good habits in order to take care of your skin.

With this Cosmetic & Face Care training program, we want to teach you everything you need to know about face care. You will learn how to conduct a proper skin diagnostic, how to determine which products to choose for your clients, and how to establish a skincare routine based on your client’s lifestyle, diet, and schedule.

Make-up Lessons

This Make-Up Lessons Process training program covers everything you need to know about make-up from how to do your own make-up to how to teach your clients to look the very best version of themselves.

You will learn about various make-up techniques, including the staples and basics that all make-up artists have to learn, like eye shadow blending and eyeliner techniques, but also the latest techniques and how to stay up to date.

Hairstyle Consultation

Thanks to an in-deep work with their clients, Image Consultants are able to conduct a hairstyle consultation that takes into account every important matter such as the client’s job, social life, lifestyle and personal image.

This Hairstyle Consultation training program will teach you how to conduct a hairstyle consultation to advise your clients on the best hairstyle and hair colour for them. You will be able to show them the best hairstyles that will match their face shape, lifestyle and expectations.

Hands Beauty Process

Hands are often, if not always, neglected in the daily beauty routine but hands are the tools that we carry everywhere with us. It’s time to learn how to properly take care of them. This Hands Beauty Process training program will teach you everything you need to know to assist your clients in taking good care of their hands. The Hands Beauty Process starts with keeping hands healthy and clean. Learn the professional manicure process to teach your clients the best techniques for beautiful, well-cared hands.

Men Image Consultation

Providing men with image consultation services is not exactly similar to working with women. This Men Image Consultation and Styling training will teach you all the differences between men and women to help you provide your clients with the best-tailored services.

Learn how to adapt your services to men by adapting your image analysis process. Discover the men body shapes and their specificities as well as the men fashion styles. Know how to conduct a wardrobe management session as well as a shopping trip with male clients. Finally, get to learn everything about men suits thanks to our suits guide.

Wedding Image Consultation

This training about Image Consulting for Wedding will teach you how to take the bride’s figure and body type into account to find the perfect style of dress. You will also learn how to match her dress style to the type of wedding she chose, and to match the groom’s attire to her dress. Bridal settings, colour schemes and how to deal with different religious requirements won’t hold any secrets for you! On top of make-up and hairstyle courses, this course has been specifically designed to provide you with hair and make-up advice specifically for weddings.

Image Consultant Toolbox

Your unique toolbox needs to represent your brand and professionalism. The Image Consultant and Stylist tools are an essential part of his or her success. You will need excellent professional tools to provide your clients with the best services. As most of these tools can’t be found on the market, you will need to create them.

The French/Australian Image Consulting Academy will assist you, step by step, in creating the essential tools and visual aid. You will learn what you need and how to use it effectively as a professional Image Consultant and Stylist.

Corporate Styling

How to adapt your services and approach to the corporate world? How to deliver tailored image consulting services to professionals? How different it is from working with individuals? This image consulting training program for corporate will teach you everything you need to know to deliver excellent image consulting services in the business community.

Learn the intricacies and optimal styling options for work-appropriate attire, covering a vast array of different industries and roles. Get ready to provide specific advice to clients looking for corporate image consulting services.

Communication skills

We strongly believe that being an excellent Image Consultant is not only about excellent technical skills but it is also about developing strong communication skills. We want you to communicate your advice in a professional manner, and to share these communication skills with your clients. Personal presentation and image consulting are not only about clothes, colours and accessories; it is also about verbal and non-verbal communication skills. This communication skills training course will show you how much of science there is to communication.

Coaching Skills

Strong coaching skills will allow you to conduct a high-quality image analysis at each step of the process. Coaching skills will assist you in knowing exactly what your clients want, expect, like, dislike, and much more. As you will shape your client’s image and opinion of themselves, you will have to face complicated and intimate situations with your clients. At the French/Australian Image Academy, we want to provide you with the right tools and skills to become an excellent image coach to your clients.

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