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The Essentials Training Program

For Image Consultants & Stylists

Image Consulting & Styling

This course will teach you everything you need to know about becoming a professional and personal Image Consultant & Stylist.

The course covers a wide array of topics such as code of ethics and standards of professional conduct for Image Consultants & Stylists, a typical day as an Image Consultant as well as the global image consultancy market, that will assist you on your future career as an Image Consultant & Stylist.

Image Consulting Industry

The image consulting & styling industry is not a recent industry anymore, however, it is still a discreet and too often unknown or misjudge industry. Did you know that some other terms for an Image Consultant are a personal stylist, personal shopper, fashion consultant, wardrobe consultant, personal image coach, and makeover consultant?

Our course will assist you to understand all components of the industry to help you structure your future offer. You will be invited to do market research and swot analysis to help further advance your career as an Image Consultant.

Image Consultation

Starting an image consultancy adventure can be intimidating for some clients; it is essential to assist them in the process. Prior to any consultancy, an Image Consultant needs to understand the exact motivations, needs and challenges a client faces. You will be taking your client through a process of evaluating their lifestyle, their motivations and their expectations. This crucial step will allow you to offer a personalised program to your client; this is also the occasion for your client to meet you and decide if you are the right professional to work with.

Colour Consultation

Gain knowledge and skills in understanding the psychology of colour and the application of colour in styling and image consultancy.

An in-depth guide to learn the colour consultation process step by step, including the draping, the harmonies creation, and the colour palette utilisation. Our advanced personal colour analysis training for Image Consultants is extremely practical. As part of the training, you will be draped and you will discover your own ideal colour palette, your signature colours and ultimate contrast levels.

Personal Fashin Styling

Acquire all the professional skills to confidently guide men & women on how to develop the personal dressing style that will suit their height, shape and age, from what is currently in fashion.

Learn to train your clients to improve their image for social events or to achieve certain goals. Moreover, you will have the skills to take your client’s wardrobe from ordinary to extraordinary while fitting their lifestyle or the one they aspire to. You will also learn to always take into consideration your client’s age, weight, budget and lifestyle.

Wardrobe Management

This course will teach you key organisational skills and will help you distinguish between ideal and inadequate clothing within your client’s wardrobe. You will learn how to help simplify your client’s wardrobe by eliminating what they don't need and showing them how to style pieces together that they already have. Get ready to teach your clients how to best dress for their body shape and give them essential everyday styling tips as well as helping them prepare a list of pieces they could potentially buy to complete their new wardrobe. You will become an expert in wardrobe auditing and organisation.

Personal Shopping

Being a personal shopper is harder than it seems; learn the duties of a personal shopper and stylist, discover where the different clothing styles are located and overcome complications. Become an efficient personal shopper to assist your clients with any specific requirements: take the feeling of the stress out of shopping and create a fun and successful experience instead while maintaining yourself within the limits of your clients’ budget. As for any course, you will practice on real models and we include a shopping trip to ensure your learning is grounded.

Live Model Training

Our unique and advanced image consulting and styling training workshop is extremely practical.

Step by step, you will be invited to put the theory into practice by taking all the knowledge we have taught you and making use of it in a real-life situation in which you will be able to practice what you learnt with a volunteer (colour consultation, fashion makeover, makeup,…).

Image Consultant Toolbox

Your unique toolbox needs to represent your brand and professionalism. The Image Consultant & Stylist tools are an essential part of his or her success. You will need excellent professional tools to provide your clients with the best services. As most of these tools can’t be found on the market, you will need to create them.

The French/Australian Image Consulting Academy will assist you, step by step, in creating the essential tools and visual aid. You will learn what you need and how to use it effectively as a professional Image Consultant and Stylist.

Fashion Makeover

Some of your clients might not be interested in the full image consultancy process but only required a fashion makeover for a special occasion. The steps might be similar, however, the process differs.
Our makeover training course will teach you how to suggest appropriate outfits, advice on the colour, create the best make-up and hairstyle for the occasion, without necessary teaching your clients the keys to re-do it for the next special occasion.

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