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Start your Business

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.

Milton Berle


At the end of your Image Consultant training, you will probably start your own image consultancy business. This course will help you start your own successful image consultancy business and avoid all the usual traps by putting the work where it’s needed without losing time on useless tasks. This course aims at giving you a structure on how to start your business so that you don’t feel lost when the time comes. You will learn how to create your own company, how to not feel overwhelmed with administrative requirements and how to choose a name that stays in people’s mind. You will acquire advanced sales techniques and communication skills, understand how to build your website, how to increase your online popularity and what prices you could set. You will also learn about business development and how to win and retain customers. Develop your sense of persistence, motivation, dedication, and creativity with this start your business training course dedicated to Image Consultants.

Course Content

Starting a company in Australia

Swot analysis & market research

Your company’s branding: name, graphical identity, values…

Basic sales techniques & customer service skills

Being an entrepreneur: the essentials

Your personal brand & network

We advise you to expand your knowledge and skills on this topic by attending seminars, meetings, and conferences for entrepreneurs. ‘Your network is your net worth’ and you should develop it from now.

Various resources: case studies, debates, hands-on exercises, and market research.

Designed for

This image consultancy business training course for Image Consultant will benefit all image consultants from a variety of backgrounds who wish to improve their professionalism and effectiveness at work by getting a high level of image consultancy skills, including entrepreneurial skills.

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