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A unique approach

to Image Consultancy

We want you to get more of your training than fashion advice. In each and every one of our courses, we mix three key dimensions to make you reach the highest level of Image Consultancy

Girl Behind a Sheet

The way you dress is an expression of your personality. 


Your clothes reflect who you are.

What's a good makeover without a proper 'relooking'? Get the tools to fit your clients with a style that truly reflects who they are.

Communication skills
woman in black dress

Communication skills are a vital part of personal presentation.


Personality captures the heart.


Let your client's personality shines through by giving them the communication skills they need, from body language to voice tone​.

Personal Development

Confidence is about so much more than clothes and make-up.

Beauty starts from within.

We want to teach you how to help your clients reach their full potential by working on what's inside as well as their appearance.​

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