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Complete Image Consultation Program

For Men & Women


Are you unsure of which image consulting service you want? Do you think you may need more than one of them? Then, the complete image consulting bundle is your best match. Improve your self-confidence and personal presentation thanks to our unique image consultation package to enhance your personal branding and presentation. This option includes all the different image consulting services we provide. Why not experiment and make the most of your first impression within a shorter time frame and at a budget friendly cost? One step after another, you will have a complete overview of all the aspects of your appearance to learn how to be the best version of yourself.


Complete Image Consulting Bundle



Step 1: Colour Consultation

Discover your most flattering colour palette. Do you struggle every morning to pick and match your colours? The colour consultation will determine the colour palette that suits you best and will help you learn to mix and match colours to create beautiful harmonies.

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Step 2: Personal Styling

Create your own fashion signature style. A fashion style consultation focuses on creating and defining a style that is YOU! Your image consultant will focus on getting to know what your own fashion style is, and she will help you dress according to your body shape. Your fashion expert will give you personal advice on optical effects in clothing and other unique fashion tips.

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Step 3: Wardrobe Consultation

Create the perfect wardrobe for all occasions. Our wardrobe represents our image, lifestyle and the “message we send to the world”, as well as being a big investment in time and money. The objective pursued here is to provide you with a wardrobe that best suits you.

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Step 4: Personal Shopping - 4 hours

It will be the most successful shopping adventure in a lifetime. As your personal shopper, your consultant's aim is to help you become confident in all your shopping decisions in order for you to ultimately become an independent and smart shopper. Here you have the option of Shopping together with your fashion stylist or you may prefer for your Personal Shopper to shop for you.

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Step 5: Hairdressing Advice

Learn which hair styles and colours will best suit you. Do you struggle to pick the best hairstyle for you? Thanks to a unique method, your image consultant will be able to assist you in knowing which hairstyles are best for you. She will also be able to guide you with the choice of colours for your hair. Please note that the hairdresser fees are not included.

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Step 6: Make-up Lesson

Step by step, learn an easy application make-up process. From receiving advice on your daily make-up, new make-up trends or learning how to apply your make-up for a special occasion, your image consultant/make-up artist will review with you, step by step, the fundamental techniques for your daily make-up.

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Your Personal Guide

At the end of your Image Consultancy, your image consultant will provide you with a personalised fashion booklet that resume all the advice you received, step by step. This booklet will assist you to remember everything and to adjust your style. Thanks to it, you will be able to make the best fashion choices.




Contact your image consultant to schedule a 30-minute engagement-free consultation to assess your needs and create a tailored image consultation program just for you.

1.5 day or 3 half days

From 1 participant

Tailored for You


Face to face $1500 instead of $2500

Online $1250

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