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Personal Colour Consultation


Colour Analysis

Personal Colour Consultation For Men & Women


Discover your most flattering colour palette with our unique personal colour analysis consultation. Do you struggle every morning to pick and match your colours? Do you find it hard to create combinations and colour harmonies? Do you know which colours will complement your hair, skin, eye colour and personality? The right colours can make you look and feel younger, taller, slimmer and more powerful. Wearing the wrong colours can result in you looking tired, dull and often unwell. What are your "dominant" colours and how does this determine why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others? How does your personality influences colour choices? The colour consultation will determine the colour palette that suits you best and improve your impact and influence.



Colour Consultation Process


Step 1: All about you

Tell us all about you, yourself and guess what? You again! Tell us about your goals, ambitions and motivations. Share with us your existing colour habits, harmonies and preferences.


Step 2: Define the words

Learn to distinguish between warm and cool colours, bright and matte ones, and light and dark colours.


Step 3: Optical effects created by colours

Discover the colours' optical effects and how to use those effects in your outfits.


Step 4: Your colour test

Thanks to our colour draping, you will find out your most flattering palette. Enjoy our unique colour consultation technique from Paris.


Step 5: Recognise your colours

Become familiar with your colour tones and recognise them quickly and easily in shops.


Step 6: Colour harmonies

Finally answer the question: "how do I mix and match my colours?". Learn everything you need to know about colour harmonies to easily create nice and well balanced outfits.


Step 7: Colour psychology

Did you know that colours affect how people react and communicate with you? They will act differently if you are wearing black, red, navy blue or light blue... Learn the colour psychology to pick the right colours based on the situation.


Step 8: Use colours to boost your personal branding

Use colours to 'look more' or 'look less' professional, serious, young, kind, dynamic, mature, creative...



At the end of your colour consultation, you will receive your personalised colour booklet containing all the advice as well as your colour palette. We suggest that you pair this colour consultation with the wardrobe management to immediately create the best outfit harmonies.

     2 hours

From 1 participant

Tailored for You

Sydney Area


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