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About the Image Consultants Academy

Your personal branding partner

Image Consultants Academy

The Image Consultants Academy’s adventure started in 2008 in Paris, France. Hundred of students were trained in our fashion school in Paris to become successful Image Consultants and Fashion Stylists.


After nearly 10 years of great success, we decided to start a new adventure here in Australia. That’s how the French/Australian Image Consultants Academy was born.

For 5 years now, the French/Australian Image Consultants Academy has been training the new talented image consultants in APAC.  We are based in Sydney, but our training courses are available all around the world, including through online seminars and individual Skype classes.


More than a fashion school, the French/Australian Image Consultants Academy offers you unique training solutions involving 3 core expertise:








  • Coaching skills essentials

  • Body language

  • Etiquette and Protocol





  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Power of positive thinking

  • Self-confidence and assertiveness essentials



Find out more about our 3 training programs:

The Essentials 10 modules,

The Advanced program  20 modules,

and the Expert complete training with 30 unique modules.


If you can’t find the right program for you, simply create your own package from the 30 available 'a la carte' modules.

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