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Expert Training Program

For Image Consultants & Stylists

Facilitating Group

If you want to run image consulting group workshops, you need to develop some specific knowledge and skills. Teaching a group can be challenging: you have to maintain participants’ interest and engagement, as well as make yourself clear to people who don’t process information the same way as you do. Our Facilitating Group Image Consulting Workshops training program will teach you the differences between individual coaching and group training. You will learn to manage a group of adult learners and to keep their attention thanks to interactive and playful workshops.

Etiquette & Protocol

Become a diplomatic expert. Learn the sophisticated and proper etiquette and protocol for yourself as well as your clients’. This Etiquette & Protocol training course for Image Consultants will make you aware of all the unspoken rules that dictate our interactions, helping you to develop respectful and meaningful relationships. An Image Consultant that understands all about the protocol is highly requested, as today more and more clients want to achieve personal or professional goals that require good etiquette. This course includes training in international protocol and cross-cultural awareness, as well as business etiquette.

Personal Branding

Personal branding showcases our story: what we are passionate about, what we bring to a team, our talents, and skills. For yourself and your clients, knowing how to represent yourself, your values and your expertise, and communicate this to your target audience succinctly is key to success.

This Personal Branding training course for Image Consultants will equip you with the essential skills needed to build a strong personal brand for yourself and your clients. You will become an expert at helping executive women and men, who want to look like inspiring leaders whilst keeping their own personality.

Body Language Skills

At the French/Australian Image Consulting Academy, we want our students to have all the tools required to revamp their client’s image. We do realise that a whopping 93% of interpersonal communication is non-verbal, which means that our body language and manners have a huge impact on the way others perceive us. This Body Language course for Image Consultants aims at teaching you how to communicate effectively through the use of body language. You will learn how to be more aware of your own body language as well as others’.

NLP Personal Development

You can’t become an excellent Image Consultant unless you are well balanced and happy in your life. Increase your wellbeing, discover your resources, learn more about yourself, set up your goals, define your values, and get rid of your limiting beliefs. Learn tools and techniques to better yourself and to help your clients better themselves as well. Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a set of skills based on communication and self-enhancement that is used in the process of self-development.

Self-confidence & Leadership

As an Image Consultant, you need to have a high sense of self-confidence and self-esteem (without arrogance or overconfidence) in order to inspire trust to your clients without intimidating them. This Self-confidence training course for Image Consultants will teach you how to gain a positive sense of self-esteem as well as skills to assist your clients to increase their self-confidence. We will give you the tools to assist your clients on their path to self-love to help them reach their full potential.

Start your business

This course will help you start your own successful image consultancy business and avoid all the usual traps by putting the work where it is needed without losing time on useless tasks. This course aims at giving you a structure on how to start your business so that you don’t feel lost when the time comes. You will learn how to create your own company, how to not feel overwhelmed with administrative requirements and how to choose a name that stays in people’s mind.

Sales Skills

As a business owner and an independent Image Consultant, you need to acquire strong sales skills. You will often have to work on your own to find new clients and try to convince them to work with you. This course will teach you how to truly connect and communicate with your potential clients. You will learn how to give yourself a reasonable, and yet an ambitious target for the number of clients you will get. Know how to properly communicate your services and prices in an interesting and catchy way.


Your unique toolbox needs to represent your brand and professionalism. The image consultant and stylist tools are an essential part of his or her success. You will need excellent professional tools to provide your clients with the best services. As most of these tools can’t be found on the market, you will need to create them.

The French/Australian Image Consulting Academy will assist you, step by step, in creating the essential tools and visual aid. You will learn what you need and how to use it effectively as a professional Image Consultant & Stylist.

Online Styling

As an Image Consultant, your clients can be all over the world. More and more businesses offer remote services to their international clients, why shouldn’t you? Online styling requires a very specific skill set that the French/Australian Image Consultant academy will provide you.

This course will teach you how to coach women and men from all over the world, no matter their fashion style and lifestyle. You will learn how to use online tools and software for an in-depth and personal approach in spite of the kilometres.

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