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Fashion Makeover

Training Course

Style can change your look, certainly, but it can also change your life.

Stacy London


Some of your clients might not be interested in the full image consultancy process and only required a fashion makeover for a special occasion. The steps might be similar, however, a fashion makeover is quite different from an image consultancy process.

In the process of an image consultancy, your goal is to help your client to win autonomy; you will teach your client all the knowledge they need to get the most from their first impressions.

In a makeover service, you will do everything for your client: you will suggest appropriate outfits, advice on the colour, create the best make-up and hairstyle for the occasion without necessary teaching your clients the keys to re-do it for the next special occasion. Our makeover training course will help you get ready for fashion makeovers.

Course Content

Fashion makeover vs. image consulting

Fashion makeover steps & process

Keys for a successful fashion makeover

Guiding & advising clients

Finding the right makeover partners (hairdresser & make-up artist)

Case studies &  practice

Your knowledge and skills will be reinforced by initial practice as well as ongoing practice. The more volunteer models you can get to practice with, the more experienced and confident you will be with your first clients.

Various resources: case studies, discussions, videos, practice and hands-on exercises.

Designed for

This fashion makeover training course will benefit all Image Consultants from a variety of backgrounds who wish to improve their professionalism and effectiveness at work by getting a high level of image consultancy skills as well as fashion makeover skills.

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