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Hairstyle Consultation Training

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.

Coco Chanel


Hairstylists usually only focus on hair and hairstyle, as much as they would like to spend more time with their clients, they have to rush to the next one. Hairstylists’ advice is usually based on what the client says as well as the client’s face shape. As clients wear a blouse, the hairstylist only focuses on the face, with no consideration for the general body shape, the fashion style and the clients’ lifestyle.

Thanks to an in-deep work with their clients, Image Consultants are able to conduct a hairstyle consultation that takes into account every important matter such as the client’s job, social life, lifestyle and personal image.

This hairstyle consultation process training program will teach you how to conduct a hairstyle consultation to advise your clients on the best hairstyle and hair colour for them. You will be able to show them the best hairstyles that will match their face shape, lifestyle and expectations. You will also learn to find the best salons and hairdressers to entrust your clients with someone who will have time to both cut and style hair but also able to give tips on maintaining it. We will teach you how to run a hair diagnostic to determine precisely what your client’s hair type is. Based on this knowledge, you will become an expert at choosing a hairstyle that fits a client’s overall image and personality, and not just their face. Hair colouration makes a great impact on someone’s face; it’s essential that you gain knowledge of hair colours and undertones.

Course Content

Hair types & their specificities

Understanding hair colours & undertones

Choosing the perfect hair colour for different skin tones

Hairstyle diagnostic process: advise on haircut & hair colours for your clients


Design your fashion hairstyle book

Partnership with hairdressers: creating a solid relationship

Your knowledge and skills will be reinforced with initial practice as well as ongoing practice. It is also important to stay up to date with new techniques and trends. Magazines and hair salon visits will assist you in getting more familiar with this industry.

Various resources: use of pictures and video tutorials, practical application of products, role-play games, shop visits...

Designed for

This hairstyle consultation training program will benefit all Image Consultants from a variety of backgrounds and skill levels who wish to improve their professionalism and effectiveness at work by attaining a higher level of image consultancy skills, including hairstyling skills and knowledge.

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