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Image Consultant Communication Skills

Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people.

Jim Rohn


After your training, you will probably start your own image consulting agency, you will then represent your company as well as your personal brand and the way you present yourself and communicate reflects on the way your company will be perceived by potential clients. Therefore, it is important that you project a professional, appropriate and consistent image at all time. The French/Australian Image Academy strongly believes that being an excellent Image Consultant is not only about excellent technical skills but it is also about developing strong communication skills. We want our students to communicate their advice in a professional manner, and for them to be able to share their communication skills with their clients. Personal presentation and image consulting are not only about clothes, colours and accessories; it is also about verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

This Image Consultant communication skills training course will show you how much communication can be a science. It involves much more than words, as communication is also about your body language, the tone of voice and your speaking manners. On top of using the right words, we will teach you how to say what you want to say. You will learn how to be clear, concise and precise in your communication. We have narrowed down precise communication skills that every Image Consultant should have so that they can deliver excellent and complete image consulting services.

Course Content

Impact of verbal &  non-verbal communication

Assess your own communication skills

The basics of communication for Image Consultants

Common communication mistakes to avoid

Building rapport & trust with your clients

Developing excellent listening & questioning skills

Communication skills in challenging situations

Public speaking & small talk skills

Communicating & promoting your services

We advise you to expand your knowledge and skills on this topic by reading books, listening to a podcast and watching Ted talks. Developing excellent communication skills is a lifetime effort that requires constant attention. We will equip you with the essentials; however, it is up to you to complete your skills and knowledge with additional resources.

Various resources: use of real-life scenarios, case studies, practical exercises, and role-playing games.

Designed for

This Image Consultant communication skills training program will benefit all Image Consultants from a variety of backgrounds who wish to improve their professionalism and effectiveness at work by getting a high level of image consultancy skills, including strong communication skills.

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