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Personal Shopping Training

Buy less. Choose Well. Make it last.

Michael Kors


Being a personal shopper is harder than it seems; learn the duties of a personal shopper and stylist, discover where the different clothing styles are located and overcome complications.

With this Personal Shopping Training, become an efficient personal shopper to assist your clients with any specific requirements: take the feeling of the stress out of shopping and create a fun and successful experience instead while maintaining yourself within the limits of your clients’ budget. As for any course, you will practice on real models and we include a shopping trip to ensure your learning is grounded.

Course Content

Personal shopping essentials

Orientation skills in shops

The fashion market: styles & budgets

Creating excellent shopping lists

Preparing shopping trips

Building an efficient shopping list

Buying for your client, without your client


Online shopping essentials

The fashion market: Bring back the fun in your client’s experience & budgets

Your knowledge and skills will be reinforced by initial practice as well as ongoing practice. You can complete your skills with more researches and readings including blogs, magazines and specialised media.

Various resources: hands-on exercises, games, practice, video reportage, case studies, tools creation, and much more.

Designed for

This personal shopping course will benefit all beginner Image Consultants from a variety of backgrounds who wish to improve their professionalism and effectiveness at work by getting a high level of image consultancy skills, including personal shopping training.

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