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Facilitating Group Image Consulting Workshops

The ultimate goal of teaching is to make the new seem familiar and the familiar seem new.

Samuel Johnson


When working with corporate and some individual clients, you might be in a position to design and facilitate an image consulting workshop for a group of people. It is not the same to offer an individual image consulting service or to deliver a group image consulting service. How to adapt your approach to a bigger audience? How to offer valuable advice to a group of people when everyone is so unique when it comes to a personal presentation? If you want to run image consulting group workshops, you need to develop some specific knowledge and skills. Teaching a group can be challenging, you have to maintain participants’ interest and engagement and make yourself clear to people who don’t process information the same way as you do. Our facilitating group image consulting workshops training program will teach you the differences between individual coaching and group training. You will learn to manage a group of adult learners and to keep their attention thanks to interactive and fun workshops. You will learn how to organise your training room, how to prepare your interventions, how to handle difficult situations, and much more.

Course Content

Understand your audience & their expectations

Learn to prepare & structure a fun, interactive workshop

Work on the differences between group workshops & individual services

Public speaking & train the trainer skills for Image Consultants


Deal with stress, anxiety & emotions

Get ready for challenging questions

Prepare excellent visuals & presentations

Develop verbal &

non-verbal communication skills

Understand the principles of adult learning

We advise you to expand your knowledge on these topics by reading books and articles. Enrol yourself in different training sessions and seminars to observe different speakers and facilitators. A certificate IV in training and assessment can be a great addition to your knowledge if you plan on mainly delivering group image consulting services.

Various resources: use of real-life scenarios, case studies, practical exercises, videos, and role-play games.

Designed for

This facilitating group image consulting workshops program will benefit all excellent Image Consultants from a variety of backgrounds who wish to improve their professionalism and effectiveness at work by getting a high level of image consultancy skills, including group image consulting skills.

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