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Etiquette & Protocol for Image Consultant

Dressing well is a form of good manners.

Tom Ford


Become a diplomatic expert. Learn the sophisticated and proper etiquette and protocol for yourself as well as your clients’. This etiquette & protocol training course for Image Consultants will make you aware of all the unspoken rules that dictate our interactions, helping you develop respectful and meaningful relationships. An Image Consultant that understands all about protocol is highly requested, as today more and more clients want to achieve personal or professional goals that require good etiquette. This course includes training in international protocol and cross-cultural awareness, as well as business etiquette. You will also learn how to adapt your client’s image depending on various cultural contexts to make sure they will always be dressed appropriately in any circumstance. We’ll cover body language, manners and small talk as well to build lasting business relationships.

Course Content

Etiquette & protocol fundamentals

Etiquette & protocol for Image Consultants

Link between good manners, body language & image

Professional etiquette & protocol

Etiquette & protocol: cultural differences

Small talk do’s & don’ts

We advise you to expand your knowledge on these topics by reading books and articles.

Various resources: studies, researches, case studies, real-life scenarios, debates and discussions

Designed for

This etiquette & protocol training will benefit professional Image Consultants from a variety of backgrounds who want to go further and wish to improve their professionalism and effectiveness at work by attaining the highest level of image consultancy skills, including etiquette and protocol skills.

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