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Employability Skills Coaching



Career Coaching Program: Develop Strong Employability Skills

"You never get a second chance to make a first impression"


Are you returning to the workforce after a career break? Do you struggle to get interviews? Are you concerned about the interview process? Are you new to the Australian job market? When results are not immediate, looking for a job or starting a new career can be challenging. A lack of results can often lead to self-doubt and lower self-confidence. Our coaching sessions will help you get your dream job! You will be invited to work on your own professional career development goals, path and vision, highlighting your skill-set, career aspirations and needs. Here, your skill-set will be highlighted, and you will be provided an environment to develop and strengthen them.



Your Online Career Coaching Program Will Include the Following


Define your career development goals

Clear results come with a clear vision. Set up S.M.A.R.T. goals and develop your action plan to make things happen.


Polish your personal branding

Work on your personal branding and first impression to increase your impact. Step ahead of other candidates by developing a strong personal brand and a great online visibility. Define your positioning statement and share it with your network.


Strengthen your self-confidence to inspire trust

Job interviews can be intimidating and can reduce your self-confidence or assertiveness. Through strong preparation and thanks to a few additional techniques you will better develop your self-confidence.


Job interview preparation

Because practice makes it perfect, practice job interviews to develop your ability to clearly and concisely share your ideas and answer questions.


Focus on challenging questions

Together with your coach you will prepare challenging questions and your answers. The point is not to learn word by word a bunch of responses, but to develop your ideas through a few key points. You will structure your answers and better select what to share and what to focus on.


Develop more effective communication skills

Develop your communication skills and body language awareness to exhibit exceptional soft skills and people skills to the recruiter.


Learn stress management techniques

Feeling nervous prior to job interviews is a normal reaction, however, you don't want for your nervousness to last too long once the interview starts. Learn effective stress management techniques to calm your nerves and increase your chance of success.



The coaching program will be tailored to meet your exact needs. We will organise an engagement-free 30 minutes consultation at no charge to explore your expectations and needs. This will allow your coach to design the best program for you. Once we agree on the steps, we can start your online coaching journey.

From 2 hours

1 participant

Tailored for You


 From $300

Buy your first session (2 hours)

Contact us for a tailored program and adjusted duration

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