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Advanced Communication Skills  & Body Language Coaching


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Develop More Effective Communication Skills

Become more aware of your communication as well as others'. Do you struggle with communication skills and interactions? Do you find it hard to manage the art of small talk or express your ideas clearly? Developing effective communication skills is a lifetime effort, however, with work and practice, we make it easier and more effective. Strong and successful relationships depend on your ability to communicate effectively with others. Thanks to this unique communication coaching program, you will discover how to communicate clearly and how to have a better understanding of others. It will improve both your personal and professional relationships.



Key Points to be Developed in your Communication Coaching Program

Assessment process

Gain awareness of your communication skills' strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. Understand what your strengths are and how to use them to develop additional skills and competencies.


The elevator pitch

Work on your presentation skills: how to introduce yourself? What to say to create an impact?


The fundamentals of communication

Understand the basics of communication and learn effective communication skills to develop more positive interactions.


Avoiding misunderstanding and miscommunication

Get introduced to the communication process to stay away from misunderstanding and miscommunication. Better understand how to send and receive messages more effectively. Gain awareness of the communication filters.


Communication mistakes to avoid

Work on common communication mistakes and how to avoid them by developing new communication habits.


First impression and communication

Discover the impact of your appearance and body language as part of your communication skills and earn how to make a great first impression.


Body language awareness

Develop body language awareness to better understand sent and received non-verbal signals. Discover the body language elements and their impact on communication. You will also learn more about the face and micro-expressions.


Cultural intelligence and communication

Develop your cultural intelligence to better understand its impact on communication. Focus on body language across different cultures to exhibit respect in any situation.


Develop active listening skills

Develop more effective communication skills focusing on listening, clarity, empathy and feedback.


Public speaking and presentation skills

Get familiar with public speaking best practices to speak with confidence. Overcome the stress and share your message with impact.


Get introduced to emotional intelligence

Discover the emotional intelligence competencies and keys to develop them. Focus on emotional intelligence in communication.



The coaching program will be tailored to meet your exact needs. We will organise an engagement-free 30 minutes consultation at no charge to explore your expectations and needs. This will allow your coach to design the best program for you. Once we agree on the steps, we can start your online coaching journey.

From 2 hours

 1 participant

Tailored for You


From $300

Buy your first session (2 hours)

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