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Corporate styling: How to dress appropriately for work?

Corporate styling: How to dress appropriately for work?

With so many different industries and different roles it is hard to know what to wear at work.

Different industries and different roles lead to different outfits from casual to formal.

So how to pick the right outfit for your job in your company?

To help you and your organisation finding out the right corporate codes easily, we developed a unique tool.

Thanks to our amazing tool, it is easy for you to figure out how formal or casual you should be.

New Reflections unique tool

Corporate Styling - How to dress for work?

There are 4 big categories when it comes to corporate styling:

  • Rigor

  • Reassurance

  • Seduction

  • Comfort

It tells you how formal or casual you should be depending on the outfit purpose:

  • Should we see rigor and authority? (CEO, Judge)

  • Should we feel at ease to share and reveal information about us? (Psychologist, social worker)

  • Should we feel confident and attract? (Sales person)

  • Should you just be able to move and work without restriction? (Builder)

So the way your dress will show your position in the company or help you do your work.

Depending on your role and industry you might be strictly in a category or mix 2 to 4 of them.

How to use the tool:

Let's take for example a finance group specialised into the mortgage broking industry.

The people who work there will need to dress in a way that shows:

  • 10% Seduction (to attract new customers)

  • 80% Rigor

  • 10% Reassurance (solace)

  • 0% Comfort

When a police officer will need to show:

  • 0% Seduction

  • 60% Rigor

  • 20% Reassurance (solace)

  • 20% Comfort

When a gardener will need to show:

  • 0% Seduction

  • 20% Rigor

  • 0% Reassurance (solace)

  • 80% Comfort

When a sales person will need to show:

  • 80% Seduction

  • 10% Rigor

  • 10% Reassurance (solace)

  • 0% Comfort

It always depends on your industry, your company, your role!

What about you? What do you think you should show regarding to your industry and role? We would love for you to let us know in a comment…

Maud Vanhoutte

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