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Simple, Elegant, Beautiful: 3 amazing and easy-to-recreate French fashion looks for elegant women

So Frenchy, So Chic!

Do you like French elegance? Do you envy those Parisian women who look like they are naturally elegant? Would you like to be able to adopt their fashion style? Good news, Maud, your French/Australian Image Consultant and Personal Branding Expert brought her French elegance with her, to share it with you!

You don’t need to be sophisticated to be beautiful: you can adopt a classy and elegant fashion style that is simple to create and comfortable to wear.

Forget about extra high heels, tiny pants, and deep cleavages, the French elegance is simpler than that…

Recreate this beautiful and yet simple look in 3 steps:

1. Pick your favourite dress and pair it with a matching hair band.

2. Select a jacket in a different colour to create contrast.

3. Your bag and shoes (could be flat shoes) can be in the same colour as the dress.

That’s it, don’t add anything else than natural make-up and you look fabulous for any occasion!

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The perfect Winter look to keep us warm, cosy and yet, elegant!

1. Choose a large but feminine sweater that matches your best jacket or coat.

2. Select your favourite pants, could be the pair of jeans that you adore.

3. Give the final touch with knee high boots and a long necklace.

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We’ll never get tired of this extra simple fashion look that can even survive a rainy day: trench coat, jeans, and heels!

1. Put on a simple sweater or blouse.

2. Match with your favourite Trench (the shorter you are, the shorter your trench should be).

3. Add your favourite pair of heels (sorry, you will not look as amazing with flat shoes) and a matching handbag.

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Pretty easy, right? Being elegant is about being simple, being yourself. Being chic is as much linked to your attitude that it is to your appearance.

If you want to create the best fashion style for yourself, contact Maud, your image consultant and stylist

Maud Vanhoutte

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