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Wardrobe management - Do you know how to buy less by buying better?

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You have a wardrobe full of clothes and still nothing to wear.

Your wardrobe is full of clothes that you don’t even wear: it’s too big or too small, too casual or too smart, maybe you just don’t know how to match and mix it with other pieces of outfit.

You certainly have your reasons…

So you keep buying more and more clothes.

Of course, sometimes for peace of mind you will give a bit of your useless treasures to some charities, and that is very nice of you.

What about buying less by buying better.

1. Stop buying, start using

  • - Use everything that you have before buying anything else

  • - Create new outfits

  • - Alter and transform

2. Put a shopping list together

  • - Stop buying everything that you see and put together a shopping list to know what you need and what you can mix and match with your existing wardrobe.

3. Buy the right things

  1. - Know your size

  2. - Try on everything before buying

  3. - Figure at least 3 ways to wear a piece of outfit before buying it

  4. - Prefer good quality basics than low cost, low quality clothing

4. Book a wardrobe management session

  • - Create more outfits with the existing

  • - Put together a smart shopping list

  • - Dress for your body shapes

  • - Know you basics

What to do with clothes that you don’t wear anymore?

  1. - Give them to charities

  2. - Give them to homeless people or shelters in your neighbourhood

  3. - Organise a swap party with your girlfriends and their girlfriends

  4. - Transform your outfits

  5. - Reuse them in the house

Please buy less by buying better! And also think twice before buying...

Maud Vanhoutte

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