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Why first impression matters?

Is your first impression a great one?

"You will never get a second chance to make a great 1st impression"

A stranger will form an impression of you, your character, your personality, all within the first minutes of meeting you.

So, what do you show to the world?

Elements of your first impression:

  • - Outfits: style, grooming, fitting...

  • - Colour

  • - Accessories: jewels, shoes, belt, bags, glasses…

  • - Hair

  • - Skin – make-up

  • - Hands and nails

  • - Body language

  • - Voice

  • - Smile – look

  • - Handshake

Also: car, company, hobbies, way of life, handwriting…

All these elements are part of your non verbal communication.

Like it or not, judgements based on appearance play a powerful role in how we treat and remember others, and how we get treated or remembered.

Always remember: first impression count, make yours a good one!

Your brand’s image relies heavily on the individuals that make up your company. Your employees represent your company and the way that they present themselves and communicate reflects on the way your company is perceived by potential clients.

Therefore, it is important that your employees project a professional, appropriate and consistent image at all times.

Our programs will equip them with a range of skills to create an impact and directly increase your clients’ satisfaction.

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